Antoine’s Legendary Cakes & Pastries: It’s a conspiracy!

As if there weren’t enough incredible eateries in the immediate vicinity of my apartment, I just discovered that Antoine’s Cakes & Pastries is opening up right around the corner! Admittedly, I was disappointed when Maurice’s up and left their Carrollton location a few years ago, but c’mon! This sign already had me salivating for the baked delicacies to come, I even tried to find out if these are the same folks who have a shop in Gretna…does anyone know?

But what it really comes down to is this: I’m onto them and they’re wily ways…they want me to stop dieting and gorge myself on the goodies they wave beneath my nose, I just know it. This neighborhood is conspiring to keep me fat!

4 thoughts on “Antoine’s Legendary Cakes & Pastries: It’s a conspiracy!

  1. Sorry, but this place is not an affiliate of Antoine's Famous Cakes and Pastries in Gretna. This business have No right to use Antoine's logo for their business!

  2. No not the owner, just a very loyal customer. While traveling on S.Carrolton Ave., I saw the sign with Antoine's logo. I was very excited. I went to Antoine's on the Westbank and asked the young lady behind the counter when was there new store going to open in the Carrolton Area and she said "those folks are selling Antoine's products but are not affiliated with Antoines here on the Westbank and that the owners were angry that they used their logo without permission. But one good thing, they are selling Antoine's products, Great! My sister who loves Antoine's lives around the corner from this store and is very excited, also!

  3. I'm just happy the wonderful pastries are back on the eastbank. I went there yesterday and was suprised to see an old class mate of mine working there.I know for a fact that the owners are close relatives of Antoines Bakery on the westbank. How could it not be known that a logo is being used when all of Antoines products are being sold there. Looks like they are keeping it in the family to me.Im glad another business is coming back to NOLA.

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