I just realized…

…I completely forgot to mention how much I’d lost/gained in my NOWFE post a few days ago! It took me a bit to recover from the food induced haze on Friday. It’s also because things on the diet front have not been very good.

Well, I gained three pounds last week and NOWFE was my 87th cheat, setting me back to a loss of 79 pounds.

How depressing huh? My weight has been bouncing up and down by a pound or two, but basically it was staying in the same place for so damned long, that I got extremely frustrated. I started to cheat more often on little things like 2% milk in my coffee instead of nonfat, using sugar when we ran out of Equal, not drinking enough water, having buttered toast for a midnight snack and doing a whole lot of sitting on my ever-widening ass.

But, don’t lose faith in me yet! Something clicked in my brain this past Saturday. I’m not sure what triggered it, perhaps my subconscious misery finally came forth into the light and slapped me in the face, but I started out fresh and new again…a health regime re-birth, if you will. Ever since that fateful moment, I have been exercising (with John) everyday using different pilates workouts and have been completely on the “straight and narrow” with my eating habits again and you know what? I am feeling a lot better, too. All I can do is keep trying, right?

It’s a miracle! Raw apple cider vinegar…

Sciatica has been a pain in my ass, quite literally, for the past 15 years.  When I lived in California, I was visiting an osteopath who treated me, successfully, for a mere $200 a visit.  Unfortunately, there are no osteopaths in New Orleans…or even in Louisiana for that matter.  The closest one lies more than a day’s travel away in San Antonio, TX.    After managing the pain through stretching and exercise over the past 7 years, it just got to be too much and just recently, I decided to start seeing a local, highly recommended chiropractor.

Although I have just begun my treatment, I am already starting to see small signs of improvement and I am beginning to have a little more faith in the abilities of my doctor. He knew I was also trying to lose weight and suggested that I start drinking vinegar. And not just any kind of vinegar.  He suggested I mix two teaspoons of raw apple cider vinegar (he specifically recommended Bragg’s) into an eight ounce glass of water twice a day.

I know plenty of unconventional uses for vinegar, like cleaning hardwood floors for example, but I had never heard of drinking raw, un-distilled, apple cider vinegar for weight loss.  I did a little research and discovered that weight loss was only one of it’s many side effects.

For example, people have reported improvement in conditions like allergies, sinus infections, acne, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, flu, chronic fatigue, candida, acid reflux, sore throats, contact dermatitis, arthritis, and gout. It also improves digestion, strengthens your immune system and promotes clear skin and, if used as a rinse, can prevent dandruff, dry scalp and generally make your hair healthier. You can even use it to improve your pet’s skin conditions and also to help deter fleas!

The benefits seemed virtually limitless! I went to Whole Foods on Magazine and purchased a bottle right away. I’ve been taking it in the morning and the evening for three days now and I am crossing my fingers in hopes that I will not only feel improvement in my back, but that it will also help me lose a little extra weight every week. Wish me luck!