House of the week: Greek Revival on Prytania Street

When I first moved to New Orleans from the Bay Area, I lived in a one bedroom in-law behind a gorgeous old house (that was broken up into apartments) in the Garden District. After long days filled with trying to find my furniture (now THAT’S a story) and sending out resumes to different job prospects, my shih-tzu Pippin and I would spend long afternoons strolling around our neighborhood. We felt that we couldn’t have been luckier, Pippin had tons of flora to mark and I got to live in a place where I could wander among overwhelmingly beautiful, massive, well-kept mansions, most of which had been around for over a century. It was not surprising that Pippin and I would stay out, walking around for several hours before thirst and hunger drove us back to our little refuge on Harmony Street.

Although I love my current ‘hood a lot, I brag about it all the time, there are definitely days when I wish I could be back amidst all that history, wealth and splendor. I think to myself, “What if I could live there again?” Well, I am sure the old in-law is going for much more than $775 a month these days, so I’d have to buy a house…what about this one?
On the corner of Prytania and 7th, less than three blocks from where I used to live, lies this ravishing Greek Revival house that was built back in 1876 that we had passed in our walks a countless number of times. With over 7,000 square feet of living space, this house boasts seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a lovely front porch and gallery, tall ceilings, hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows and an in-ground pool in the spacious backyard. This “quaint” abode lies only a block away from St. Charles Avenue (a.k.a. parade route) and only four blocks from Magazine Street. Too bad I don’t have a cool $3,200,000 to drop on this beauty…I don’t know, is seven bedrooms enough? 

House of the week: Double Gallery on Olivier Street

Mom. Dad. I have a proposal. Sell your 1970’s, ranch-style track house in California and for half of what you gain from the sale, you could buy this house outright. Deal?

I realize it would mean selling the house I grew up in and moving to a new and vibrantly different community. Everyone else is back in the Bay Area, all of your grandchildren, nephews, nieces and cousins and you’d miss them, like I do, but what about the benefits?

First lets talk about this incredible house. Built around the mid-1800’s, this stunning piece of work is a Greek Revival Double Gallery house located in Algiers Point, only a block away from the Mississippi River. Fourteen-foot ceilings, original hardwood floors, floor to ceiling windows on the facade of the house, stunningly remodeled bathrooms, elegant crown molding…there’s even a gorgeous garden Dad can putz around in and grow his green onions, tomatoes, strawberries and zucchini.

Best part? It’s only a few blocks from the Algiers Ferry that will take you straight into the French Quarter, or better yet, Harrah’s? I know how much Dad likes to gamble and Mom would adore the Shops at Canal Place, not to mention the rest of the French Quarter.    

Best of all, you could count on my visits on a very regular basis. In fact, how about I just move in again? Whaddaya say…deal?

House of the week: Fixer-upper on N. Miro Street

Have you ever seen the movie Money Pit? Tom Hanks and Shelley Long play a new couple who believe they have finally found their dream house, but it (along with their relationship) basically collapses into rubble. This is what always comes to mind whenever I see the words “fixer-upper” or “investment opportunity” in a house listing. For example, how about this Greek revival on N. Miro?

It seems like an incredible deal. A gorgeous, three-story mansion originally built in 1860 with five bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, original pine floors, marble mantles, pocket doors and transom windows for a total of 4,232 square feet of living space and a lot almost twice that size. It looks to need a lot of work, possibly some new plumbing and electric, drywall and paint, floor sanding and varnishing…but I have a vision in my mind of what it could be. Perhaps I am being optimistic, but this “investment” seems like a steal listed at $179,000. Since I am certainly no whiz at real estate investments, I wonder how much it would cost to make this place what it was and how long it would take to finish it. What do you think?

I do love to paint!