Halloween envy: Double feature picture show…

Happy Halloween everyone! Looking over the past week’s posts, I am noticing a trend in my taste in houses…not that you couldn’t throw a rock and hit a gorgeous structure almost anywhere in this town. But still, even John started to tease about my “so-called” elitist view.

Ultimately, the question is…do I care? Nope!

Here’s not one, but two stunning examples we found on Prytania Street to double your viewing pleasure:

The light was fading fast the day I shot this Garden District mistress and the images turned out pretty awful until John came along with his graphic magic and upped the “spookiness” factor by ten. Pretty good, huh?

Then, while avoiding some pretty sticky traffic on St. Charles yesterday, John hopped onto Prytania Street and we discovered another shining lady dressed for the season:

Finally, for a little lagniappe, did you have that one house in your neighborhood your parents told you NOT to visit? The one being housed by a crotchety, elderly woman or man who hated all the kids on the block and wanted nothing less than to be left to their Price is Right in peace? I did.

During my search I found this next house shown below. The yard is overgrown and there’s a creepy, neglected look about the place which is probably mostly emanating from the crafty “woodland” arch perched over the entry gate.

Did you notice the plastic-wrapped sheet of paper attached to the front gate? It reads “No Candy.”  No treat huh? I believe this house might experience a few tricks instead.

Halloween envy: The sequel, Part II

Cruising down St. Charles today, I noticed that the skeleton house from the sequel had increased their cast of undead characters and like any good horror franchise, sought to capitalize off of a good formula. So, without further ado…

Make-up really doesn’t make me look younger…

This next one is a convincing argument against monogamy…

“I want to be with you forever and ever and ever and ever…”

And last, but certainly not least, the end…

Halloween envy: Reborn

Driving home from dropping John off in the Quarter the other night, I decided to take a different way home to see if I could scout out anymore excellent Halloween decorations. As I emerged from under the Interstate overpass on Annunciation Street, I discovered this beauty.

The plaque out front read ‘Fleur De Lis’ Mansion Founded 1824 Historic Landmark. The property is obviously a handsomely restored Double Gallery, one I recall being in need not so very long ago.

Happy that a classic beauty had been revitalized and showing Halloween spirit in this industrial neighborhood, I stopped to take pictures. With mammoth bats swinging from the gallery and a recently vacated, red satin coffin on the porch, it’s apparent these folks went “all out” for All Hallows Eve.

Halloween envy: The Revenge

Sometimes you come across a house that doesn’t have a horrifying, overall appeal, but there will be one particular piece that stands out. For example, the rest of the decorations on this home were simply not that spectacular. There was, however, this one “pièce de résistance” dangling oh so creepily from a huge, hoary oak tree out front.

“For my part, I have ever believed, and do now know, that there are witches.”
-Thomas Browne Sr.

Halloween envy: Part 33 3/8

The other day I was cruising Uptown on Magazine Street when spotted this house less than a block away from Washington Avenue.

I made the block, parked and walked over to take a closer look. As I stood there snapping shots, the owner came outside to walk his dog and I told him how much I admired his decorations. He responded “Well, the school bus passes here every day and the kids were getting antsy. I didn’t think I would have the porch finished in time, but I just made it and got these up today.”

Apparently, this gruesomely spectacular display is an anxiously anticipated annual event. I complimented his taste in the macabre and he smiled and said “Just wait till Christmas.”

Halloween envy: The sequel

Spooky Halloween decorations are always a big plus, I mean, the whole purpose is to scare you stupid right? There are those rare occasions, though,  when people get downright creative and dare I say it….fun?

This gorgeous home on St. Charles Avenue posed skeletons all over their front yard and I have to admit, it’s downright adorable! Meet Pop-Eye…

…witness the Kiss of Death…or at least the aftermath…

…kick it with Lazy Bones…

…and no New Orleans skeleton scene would be complete without a Die Hard Saints’ Fan!

Admittedly, I was pretty impressed when I saw the skeleton scene by the light of day (so were a lot of other folks taking pictures on their cell phones), but it was nothing compared to what it looked like later that night…

Wow! Maybe I’m not too old to Trick-or-Treat…

Halloween envy…

It wasn’t the allure of a pillowcase full of candy or a licence to attack my fellow ghouls with eggs and shaving cream. No, the reason I love All Hallows Eve is the costuming. How cool is it that you can choose to be anyone else…but yourself…for a whole night?

As a matter of fact, I love Halloween so much that when I finally reach my goal weight (many, many pounds from now), my prize is going to be an elaborate costume. Some elegant dress that might have been in fashion during 18th century in France perhaps, complete with high, white wig and fluttery parasol? Something like this

Until that fateful day, I revel in the made up world that emerges every year as October 31st creeps inexorably closer. In the past seven years, I have noticed that most New Orleanians take this holiday very seriously, especially when it comes to decorating their homes.

In honor of this wonderfully macabre occasion, all week long I’ll be featuring ghastly, gruesome and garish houses that are all decked out to terrify.

This first image is of the “Wedding Cake House” on St. Charles Avenue. A couple of nights ago, they were having a huge party. I managed to snap a few shots later in the evening right before they turned off the lights.

[Cue spooky music]