Screaming for New Orleans Ice Cream: Praline Crunch

Although I’ve lived in New Orleans for over a decade, I am still corrected for mispronouncing certain words. Some pronunciations are waved over, but so-help-you-God if you call our city “New OrlEEns,” mistake a “streetcar” for a “trolley” or pronounce praline “PRAY-leen.”

The latter happened to me just the other day while I was gobbling a pint of New Orleans Ice Cream Co.’s Praline Crunch. My friend Dani gave me the evil eye and enunciated, very clearly, “PRAH-leen, Kim. It’s PRAH-leen.” Oops! Regardless of my bad habits and mispronunciations, PRAH-leen ice cream has always been one of my favorites. My mother also had a thing for PRAH-leens & Cream (though she called it “PRAY-leens & Cream”) and it would be her scoop of choice when we visited the local ice cream parlor.

New Orleans Ice Cream Co’s Praline Crunch (mispronounced or not) is one mighty delicious version with creamy PRAH-leen ice cream, rich with the flavor of brown sugar and butter, and ridden with just enough PRAH-leen coated pecans to make crunching into each one feel like the very first time. Perhaps with enough of this ice cream, I can correct my pronunciation, moaning “PRAH-line” bite after mouthwatering bite…