House of the week: Shotgun on Flood Street

Depression has set in and I can’t avoid it. Unless I suddenly write a bestselling novel, win the lotto or have a rich relative die and leave me a fat inheritance, there is no way in hell I’ll ever be able to afford a house in New Orleans.

Regardless of this fact, I still have this awful habit of continued self-flagellation, scanning the real estate listings only to watch another dream house go to someone who (I imagine) will appreciate it far less that I would. Jerks. During my latest bout of torment, I happened upon another awesome house that will likely be sold to some cretin who will use it as a vacation home or some such nonsense. Gee, do I sound bitter?

While the irony of fawning over a house on Flood Street in the Holy Cross (Lower 9th Ward) is not lost on me, it still fails to dampen my ardor (har-har). Here we have a two bedroom, two bathroom single shotgun house replete with original hardwood floors, towering bead board ceilings, transoms, fireplace mantles, claw foot tub and a nice front porch that faces the levee. Bye, bye beauty! You’re bound to disappear within days of my post, especially since you’re listed at the low, low price of only $200,000. Unfortunately, it’s still not low enough for me.  

House of the week: Shotgun on North Rampart St.

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? I have, and I can’t stop thinking about it. Yes, I am head-over-heels in love with an object. More specifically, I am in love with a house. This IS my house. This is what I picture when I dream about the perfect little abode for John and I. I see myself here…I must have it!

I want it now!

Like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (the old one with Gene Wilder mind you, not that demented Johnny Depp version), I want a house, a house on N. Rampart Street. There’d be roomfuls of laughter, bows in my hair and all kinds of bean feasts if I could slap the cash down for this ultimate little haven.

Located in Bywater, this absolute jewel is a two bedroom, one bath shotgun with high ceilings, gorgeous hard wood floors, transoms, exposed brick fireplaces, barge board wainscoting, bead board ceiling, mammoth built-in bookshelves, distressed-wood kitchen, a claw foot tub … can you hear me panting? As if that isn’t enough to drive me into a frenzy, one of the finest features is a cute little, “shack on da swamp” guesthouse in the back where I would set up my office and write till my fingers fell off.

My house (a girl can dream!) is also in a great neighborhood within walking distance of Vaughan’s Lounge, The Joint, Jack Dempsey’s, Meltdown Pops and Bacchanal. Sadly, at $295,000, I could never afford this piece of heaven on earth, but it won’t stop me from dreaming about it.

Of course, if some super-rich soul out there wants to buy it for me out of the kindness of their heart, I certainly wouldn’t be opposed!

House of the week: Shotgun on Urquhart Street

My dad would rather pay for something useful, as opposed to something frivolous, so instead of a wedding, I’m getting enough for a down payment on a house and to be perfectly honest, I’m as happy as a clam. But, being this close to my lifelong dream of owning a home has made me one tough customer. When I was browsing through house listings before, I could afford to be whimsical and extravagant because I was just window shopping. But now that this could easily become a reality, I have become quite discriminating and want the best for my dollar.

I don’t plan on raising a family (kids and me just don’t mix), so I don’t have to worry about things like being in an “ultra-safe” neighborhood (whatever that means) or close proximity to a good school. What I would like is to be located closer to downtown where I can more thoroughly enjoy the oldest part of the city, the French Quarter. I also would like to have enough room to comfortably house guests who might want to visit.

Although the sale is pending and I’ll likely miss out on the opportunity, this pretty cool and affordable house on Urquhart Street is quite close to what I’m seeking. Previous owners have made some ugly changes to this historic property, but I’m guessing a lot of elbow grease and some extra cash could restore this awesome “side porch” shotgun to it’s former glory. I’m actually dying to see what’s under those vinyl floors and how the house would look with a proper, wrought-iron gate. Plus, I would love to rip out the drywall that changed those transom doorways into octagonal arches from hell and see how the place looks without so much stuff. I’m something of a minimalist when it comes to furniture and the closest I come to knick knacks are lots and lots of books.

The only worry I have, at least from what little I can discern from the listing, is that the house is in a rather sketchy location. It’s only 5 blocks from the Quarter and I know the neighborhood is changing, I’ve seen it transform drastically over the past ten years, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. That’s probably why this three bedroom and two bathroom shotgun is listed for a mere $80,000. Oh well, though this 75-year old treasure would be a lot of fun to restore, I guess I’ll have to keep looking.

House of the week: Shotgun on Coliseum Street

“If only I could have bought a house ten years ago.” This thought keeps running through my brain, especially when I see houses like this one. Located near the corner of Dufossat and Coliseum, this single, shotgun “cottage” is so beautiful and so quaint (only a bit more than 1300 square feet), yet it’s listed at staggering California prices. The house features hardwood floors, high ceilings, exposed brick walls, a claw foot tub, antique bead board wainscoting in the hall, plus a cute little porch and bricked courtyard out back. Another great feature of this home is the location, only two blocks from some of the best spots on Prytania Street including St. James Cheese Co., Creole Creamery, Manhattan Jack, La Crepe Nanou and Upperline.

I love, love, love this house but for $470,000, I’ll have to look elsewhere…

House of the week: Shotgun on France Street

Even though the area is a tad sketchy and it’s located WAY out in Bywater, almost to the canal, I can’t help oohing and ahhing over this adorable little shotgun. It has original pine wood floors, high ceilings, exposed brick fireplace and a cute backyard perfect for barbecuing and boils.

Although it is rather close to St. Claude, it’s also just a few blocks to The Joint, Vaughan’s, Jack Dempsey’s and Bacchanal. This precious little gem is listed at $220,000, which I think is a bit high considering it only has two bedrooms and is a tad over 1,100 square feet of living space. Sigh…it’s still a delightfully charming abode nonetheless!

House of the week: Victorian double on Annunciation

Location, location, location…it is one of the key stipulations when it comes to buying a house. While most of the homes I have posted have been in what I believe are wonderful locales, there are occasions when I wish I could pick the house up and plop it down in my preferred neighborhood. This is one of those times.

On Annunciation Street in the Lower Garden District lies this gorgeous Victorian double. Built in the late 1800’s, the house features stunning architectural detail both inside and out with floor-to-ceiling windows, original hardwood floors, pocket doors, high coved ceilings, fireplace mantles, claw foot tubs, a huge front porch and a cute garden out back replete with fountains. Since it’s a double shotgun, I could live in one side and rent out the other which would help pay the mortgage.

 The only problem is that the house faces a huge apartment complex that is, in my opinion, an eyesore. Not to mention, the driving habits of folks on this part of Annunciation is atrocious! I can’t tell you how many times I have seen vehicles seriously flout the speed limit in this area. Now, if I could pick it up and move it to the other side of Annunciation Square, I might be willing to buy it for $424,000.

House of the week: Shotgun on Chartres Street

While looking for my first New Orleans apartment over 8 years ago, I found the cutest place in the Marigny. It was half of a double shotgun on Burgundy Street with hardwood floors, 12 ft. ceilings, transom windows, a nice front porch, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in the parlor and was located right across the street from a corner bar. As if that wasn’t enough to sell me, the landlord was asking only $495 per month! Unfortunately, another potential renter beat me to the punch and came up with the first and last mere hours before I could write the check. Plus, my mother was with me and she was reluctant to appreciate the beauty of that up & coming neighborhood. I often wonder how my first year in New Orleans would have been different had I lived that close to Frenchman Street and the Quarter…

Since then, I have often checked apartment and house listings in that area and boy have prices changed. Eight years ago, I could have bought a gorgeous double shotgun in the Marigny for $250,000 or less! Not anymore. Yesterday, while browsing homes for weekly post, I spotted this beauty located on Chartres Street right off of Frenchmen and less than two blocks to the French Quarter. Originally a double shotgun, this gorgeous Victorian has been remodeled into a single, four bedroom/three bath home replete with floor-to-ceiling & transom windows, a huge front porch, gorgeous hardwood floors, high ceilings, fireplace mantles and a cute, enclosed courtyard-type backyard. This Marigny beauty is listed for the low, low price of $499,999. Ahh, what ever happened to the good old days?

House of the week: Shotgun double on Toledano Street

I’m gonna admit it right off the bat, I think this house is priced a bit high at $250,000, but it’s sooo cute I couldn’t help posting about it. It’s a shotgun double at the Tchoupitoulas end of Toledano Street with two bedrooms and two bathrooms on each side and 1650 square feet of living space. The house was built in 1851 (a big selling point for me) and features hardwood floors, high ceilings, cool wainscoting in the front parlors, fairly modern appliances and a really cute backyard. I love the color it’s been painted and it has central air & heat, plus a washer and dryer (at least on one side!).

Though it is on the river end, it is still a walk-able distance to Magazine, and even St. Charles (a.k.a. The Parade Route). Anyhow, I’d definitely love livin’ in this house…maybe if the price was cut by $50,000 or so? Dream on!

*Note: I tried to link the listing, but Keller Williams is picky. If you are interested, the listing number is 885957.

House of the week: Altered shotgun on General Taylor

For quite some time now, there’s been this listing for a house on General Taylor that looks like a remodeled single shotgun. From the photos, it looks super-cute on the inside with two bedrooms, high ceilings, hardwood floors, claw foot tub and a fabulously renovated kitchen. Also, this house apparently comes with a swimming pool! There is no information as to whether the pool is an in-ground or above-ground type, but any kind of pool would make me a happy camper.

Aside from the pool (did I mention it has a pool?), this cute little house is only one block from Magazine Street and only six blocks from St. Charles Avenue. Yep, another affordable find within walking distance of the main Mardi Gras parade route. YES!

The house is going for $217,000 which seems about right considering the amenities (A POOL!). I’d really, really dig living here, been wishing on a star for a financial windfall…where’s that damn cricket when you need one?

House of the week: Shotgun on Derbigny Street

I’ve seen this house in the listings a few times now and I am still shocked it hasn’t sold. It’s a cute little shotgun that has been beautifully renovated with hardwood floors throughout, granite counter tops and energy efficient appliances in the kitchen, a gorgeous brick driveway (off street parking in New Orleans?), French doors to the backyard and a walk-in closet in the bedroom! It’s located in the Esplanade Ridge, on the lake side of I-10, an area that is slowly going through revitalization…and truth be told, still needs a lot of work.

But hey! When I moved here 8 years ago, people were saying the same thing about the Marigny, and now that is one of the hippest neighborhoods in town! Anyhow, the house seems like a truly great deal with an asking price of only $183,137.  Did I mention it has three bedrooms, two baths and over 1,400 square feet of living space? The dream continues…