Oodles of food

Since I went out to several places last week, all of which were equally delicious, I think it might be best if I just do a quick run-down. You see, none of these places were what I intended to be my usual, weekly pig out, but I figured I’d eaten out enough for one week and decided to offer this mini food medley.

First, I had lunch on Wednesday with my first New Orleans employer and friend Jay at Trū Burger. I scarfed down “The Charlie” burger with bacon, Swiss cheese, house made coleslaw on a butter toasted bun and we shared some onion rings, their latest side!

On Thursday, I was invited to have lunch with Lorin at the brand new Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar on the long-neglected corner of Napoleon and St. Charles. I realize it’s a seafood joint, and their BBQ Shrimp did rock, but what I can’t stop thinking about was the Beef Carpaccio with pickled okra, thick shavings of Parmesan and horseradish mayo…I could have eaten the whole plate.

Finally, on Friday I went and had won ton soup and fried egg rolls with my good friend Anne at Pho Tau Bay. It had been a while since I’d seen Anne (or the soup!) and we had such a fabulous time…

…that we stopped off at the Hong Kong Food Market on Behrman Highway and got a ton of sweets like steamed cheesecake, butter buns and even Cream Collon.

Believe me, they taste a hell of a lot better than they sound.

Trū Burger: So much more than a macron

I feel ashamed, appalled and just plain mortified at my supreme sloth and I can’t hold my head up in public until I admit to my stellar level of laziness, throw this burden from my chest and heave a humongous sigh of relief.

We drove to Trū Burger.

Indeedy! A friend of mine picked us up and we drove less than 1 1/2 blocks to to gorge ourselves on delicious burgers “brought to us by Burgau” on Oak Street.  Is there something wrong with this picture?

After piling out of the car, we stepped inside and quickly ordered from the simple menu at the counter. Turning around to pick out a table, I admired the simple, modern concept of the the decor, but still found myself aching for a jukebox. Regardless of the intention, Trū Burger still holds a hint of 50’s nostalgia for me and I had to fight the yearning for saddle shoes and poodle skirts.

My chocolate peanut butter shake was ready first and I passed it around reluctantly. The only way that shake would have been better is if half of it was served in the metal mixer cup…maybe some whipped cream and a cherry. It tasted that classic, like that purely perfect, scrumptious comfort from my past; thick and chocolaty with small pockets of creamy, nutty bliss….(sigh). They serve their shakes at Trū Burger with gargantuan straws so sucking the drink down was far too easy and my dessert quickly disappeared.

I ordered “The Truth” burger, house-ground Angus beef patty cooked medium and topped with thin-fried onion rings, Swiss cheese and Trū Sauce.  It was on special alongside Jalapeno Poppers and the “Deep South” burger topped with fried green tomato and Pimento cheese. I had no difficulty gobbling “The Truth” down along with half an order of fries.

John went against the grain and ordered two Zweigle’s Hot Dogs dressed to the hilt with onions, kraut, relish, chili and cheddar cheese. He quickly inhaled the delicious dogs, but not before I got a bite or two. My friend Dani ordered a huge double cheeseburger with American and thick slices of bacon. Combined with her daughter Posie’s “nekkid” burger, she was forced to leave with leftovers.

Since I am on the subject of confessions, I must also admit that I had been to Trū Burger before. Not too long ago, they started a special on hand dipped corn dogs and it was like I was hypnotized. I couldn’t get corn dogs out of my brain. I mean honestly, when was the last time you ate a hand-dipped corn dog? And, as if you really needed me to tell you, those were fantastic, too!

By the way, the rain started pouring down not long after we squished ourselves back into the car, so I didn’t feel that guilty on the long drive home.