House of the week: Laurel Street Victorian Double

These posts are really starting to hurt. I didn’t realize how much emotional and psychological torture I had committed myself to when I started these “dream house” posts. For instance, today’s house happened to cause a shooting pain to manifest in my clicker (index) finger that shot up into my shoulder and brought tears to my eyes. The reason? Well, other than my more recent obsession with Sims 3 (RSS injury anyone?), this house is located mere blocks from my first New Orleans apartment on Harmony Street in the famed Garden District.

Located on Laurel Street only a half block away from Louisiana Avenue, this Victorian double shotgun house is all that I want, though priced a bit high at $224,900 (especially for a “fixer-upper”); high ceilings, hardwood floors, central air & heat, huge front & rear porches, 1000 sqare feet per side and over 150 years old. Plus, or should I say more importantly, this cute Victorian is located less than two blocks from Magazine Street and only six blocks from the parade route. Yep, only a hop skip and a jump away from every Mardi Gras parade that rolls down St. Charles Avenue.

Now, wouldn’t you want to come visit? I know I would…

2 thoughts on “House of the week: Laurel Street Victorian Double

  1. I don't think you should think of it as torture! My wife and I went to open houses for years and walked neighborhoods talking about houses, and it ultimately helped us get a very clear picture of where we wanted to live, and ended up there!

    I stumbled across your blog after your post on the Upperline and I really love what you're doing. Keep it up!


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