Itching for a cocktail…

“Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake.”  -W. C. Fields

Last night on the way to a Christmas party, I kept thinking how the first thing I wanted to order was a drink. Although, I’ve been known to party a little too heartily from time to time, I’m really not a big drinker, but something about the cold weather has me constantly craving a cocktail. Not only do I get to try yet another tasty liquid concoction, but after one or two (or even three), I’ll feel warm and cozy inside and out, let the chill winds come as they please. So to keep away the cold and as a tribute to that favorite New Orleans pastime, here are a few of the delicious cocktails I’ve had this year.

Although I sipped this beauty at the Bridge Lounge in the springtime, I could still go for one during the winter months…

It’s called a “Porch Swing” with muddled cucumber, Pims, lemonade, Hendrix Gin and ginger ale. I can just feel that spring heat now, sitting outside and watching the rain coming down.

This next drink is one of my all-time favorites, a classic Mojito from the Victorian Lounge at the Columns Hotel.

Who can resist the lure of rum mixed with muddled fresh mint and sugar? Certainly not I! A “nouveaux” classic cocktail at a truly classy bar.

I can almost feel the droplets of sweat running down my face when remembering the day I enjoyed this particular beauty during a hot August luncheon at The Green Goddess

Called “Solidarity Sunshine”,this is a cocktail the restaurant tagged as “an adult lemonade” with Sparkling Meyer Lemon Juice, Sobieski Vodka and fresh basil. Oh how I want the sunshine to return!

Since I can enjoy ice cream anytime of the year, it only seems appropriate to mention this next creamy, sweet deliciousness I acquired from Sucre on a very moody 39th birthday…

It’s a Big Kid Shake called  “A Bunch of Nuts” starring Brown Putter Pecan Gelato, Frangelico and Praline Liquor.

Speaking of sweetness, this jazzed up martini from the Monkey Hill Bar was as fine as any dessert I’ve ever enjoyed.

This “Double Espresso Martini” features Van Gogh Espresso vodka, Starbucks espresso liqueur and dark Creme de Cacao garnished with crunchy espresso beans and Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

Last, bust certainly not least, I have to give some love to a treat I had during Thanksgiving at CafĂ© Adelaide, it tasted like Christmas in a glass…

This excellent cocktail created by one of the Swizzle Stick’s talented bartenders, Shawn Phipps and called the “Santeria,” was lovingly made with Stoli Vanil Vodka, Nocello, Licor 43, allspice and a cinnamon-sugared rim.

*Note – Although I highly suggest trying all of these magnificent cocktails, it might not be wise to do it all at the same time…

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