Just breathe …

In an effort to prevent myself from ripping someone’s head off and sh*tting down their neck, I tore out of the apartment to take a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Cruising down Louisiana Avenue, I noticed that it was busier than I’d hoped, everyone making wide circles, maintaining our distance as advised. I turned back into the residential area hoping to find more solitude.

My rage began to subside after a few blocks and I turned back towards home, much sweatier and a bit thirstier than I expected, and had to stop and enjoy the beauty of one of my most favorite homes in the neighborhood.

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House of the Week: Greek Revival side hall on Prytania Street

When I moved from the Carrollton neighborhood and back to the Garden District three years ago, there was a house just a few doors down that had been almost wholly razed except for the foundation. As the months passed, construction began, and after a year or so, it almost looked as if it had always been there. They designed the new house (at least the exterior) to look practically identical to the 1830s-era home they tore down.

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