Up Close & Personal: Joe Rotolo

Custom clothier Luca Falcone on Magazine Street takes fashion to a whole new level.

While living and working overseas, local-born businessman Joe Rotolo was exposed to the luxury and comfort of a custom tailored suit and never looked back. Although he worked as an International Medical Consultant, Rotolo took a leap in the opposite direction, saw an opportunity in this niche market and followed his passion for well-tailored clothing.

Combining his nickname “Luke” and grandmother’s maiden name “Falcone,” custom clothier Luca Falcone was born. Rotolo’s vision was to bring the European appreciation for tailored clothing to New Orleans and in March of 2012, he launched his first showroom inside Vernon Clothing Store on the corner of Josephine and Magazine Streets in the lower Garden District.

Handmade, custom-tailored garments designed from elegant, Italian fabrics are offered to “free customers from the limitations of the rack.” Rotolo’s hand-picked staff of expert tailors can build any look desired for both men and women, from suits and shirt to belts, blazers and vests.

Only 29, yet Rotolo is already seeking to expand Luca Falcone into different cities across the U.S. In fact, training and hiring has already begun for showrooms in Houston and Dallas, and planning is already in the works for a Miami location.

Rotolo is also planning to launch their new website this Spring. Luca Falcone’s current database will be transferred to their site, enabling returning customers to shop for new styles with all their personal measurements at their fingertips. Additionally, there will be an online measuring tutorial for visitors who want a do-it-yourself approach, or tailors will be readily available to come to your home or office to take measurements at your convenience.

For more information, please visit LFSuits.com.

*Article originally published in the March 2013 issue of New Orleans Living Magazine.

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