It’s Bananas [Foster]!

There’s no such thing as “too much of a good thing” when it comes to the endless iterations of this classic New Orleans recipe. You’ve placed your napkin on the table and declared yourself “full” when all at once you’re surrounded by the caramel-like aroma of melting butter, brown sugar […]

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A Different Kind of Dog

Delightfully novel ways of enjoying our favorite frankfurter in and around New Orleans. Regardless of their offal ingredients, it’s hard to deny the delicious nostalgia of a great hot dog. Just seeing an image of a frank slapped between it’s signature split bun decorated with zig-zags of mustard and (sorry […]

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Pop-Up Appeal

Proof that paper plates and plastic cutlery can be counted as and integral part of a romantic night out! Thanks to aggressive marketing campaigns and endless propaganda, February is officially and commercially realized as the month of romance. Not only are we to single out the 14th as a day […]

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