Give a Round of A-Paws for DogWatch Miss-Lou!

Our four-legged family members can now have both the freedom and safety they deserve with the recent launch of DogWatch, offering pet containment systems to the residents of Bay St. Louis, and beyond!

Earlier this month, husband and wife team Aaron and Jessica Bilotta announced the grand opening of their DogWatch dealership representing the Western Mississippi and Southeast Louisiana territory. Aaron and Jessica were joined by family, friends, neighbors, and their furry companions, for a ribbon cutting at the Depot Grounds, celebrating the launch of their business, as well as their membership with the Hancock Chamber of Commerce.

Born and raised in Bay St. Louis, Jessica Bilotta has lived with and cared for dogs her entire life. “My dad had rabbit hunting dogs – beagles,” says Jessica. When she decided to adopt a couple of English Yellow Labrador puppies from a local breeder, Jessica wanted nothing but the best for them. “I always wanted two dogs at once, but people thought we were crazy!” says Jessica. “I thought it would be easier than one, and it’s true.”

The Labrador puppies, Teddy and Scout, were a joyous addition to the Bilotta household. Adopted as trustworthy companions for her three children – Annabelle, Hunter, and Lulu (aged 12, 10 and 6 respectively), the puppies were initially a challenge to train, especially on their large property. “They kept running away and getting lost,” says Jessica. While researching different fencing options that would keep their pets safe, as well as maintaining unobstructed views of their property, Jessica and Aaron discovered DogWatch.

DogWatch has been manufacturing pet containment systems – ie. The Hidden Dog Fence – and other pet training products since 1990. They are commuted to making the “safest, most pet-friendly” products and services in the industry, and with locally owned and operated “dealerships” all over the country, clients can take the word of someone they know and trust about the value of DogWatch’s offerings, someones just like Jessica and Aaron Bilotta of DogWatch Miss-Lou.

Their signature product, the revolutionary Hidden Fence, is an in-ground wiring system connected to a a special, collar with a receiver which lets your dog know if they come too close to their owner-set boundaries. With new mobile connectivity features, notifications can be send directly to your smart phone, alerting you to everything from a low battery or damaged boundary wire to each pet’s daily activity levels. To top it all off, DogWatch offers training, for both pets and humans, with the sale of a Hidden Fence, teaching pets how to respect the set boundaries and teaching owners about proper use and response to notifications. “The DogWatch Hidden Fence was a game changer,” says Jessica. “we wanted to let the dogs have the run of the land and be safe, and DogWatch was able to give us that peace of mind.”

In addition to the outdoor Hidden Fence, DogWatch of Miss-Lou also offers other useful pet training products such as Indoor Boundaries, a way to keep pets off the kitchen counter and out of the trash; cat fences (they can be trained!); no bark training collars; and leash trainers that help your dog learn appropriate on-leash behavior. Best of all, if anything goes amiss, you can contact the Bilotta’s who will go out of their way to help. “We use and love DogWatch products for our own pets, so we can honestly say we trust this system to keep pets safe,” says Jessica.

**Article originally published on April 2023 in The Shoofly Magazine

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