Birthday Bummer

Every year on my birthday, I typically dine out at some spectacular local restaurant and I share my experiences with you. After my birthday on Sunday, some folks asked where I dined this year, and I am hesitant to share, because it wasn’t great. It wasn’t the worst dining experience […]

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Give It a S’whirl!

Local spots giving new life to the soft serve sensation. Are you a sucker for cool, creamy whipped ice cream swirled to dizzying peaks atop a cake cone? Have you perfected the art of lapping and slurping the ripples of chocolate or vanilla (or both), carefully timing your consumption to […]

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Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

The Ranjbars are huge ice cream fans. My father always made sure the fridge was stocked with mint chip, the not quite sorbet and not quite ice cream sensation sherbet, and Neapolitan. I clearly recall getting told off several times for eating all of the chocolate. My mom’s pick was […]

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