Well I’ll be dipped…

I am a bit fanatical when it comes to anything Disney. I love the movies, the characters and the theme parks. Disney paraphernalia is dotted all throughout my house. In the kitchen alone you’ll find Alice in Wonderland S&P shakers, a “villain-ness” cookie jar featuring Ursula, Maleficent and the Evil Queen from Snow White and several refrigerator magnets, my favorite being the Grim Grinning Ghosts from the Haunted House ride at Disneyland. So, given this personal information, it’s easy to understand why a Disney freak like myself would be willing to spend upwards of $15 or more for only eight chocolate-covered pretzels shaped like everyone’s favorite mouse.

What I won’t do (again), however, is spend that same $15 at a local shop that claims it makes “the best chocolate treats in town” when all they do is take cheap, store-bought items like graham crackers or Oreo Cookies, dip them in chocolate and then charge almost 50 cents per cookie.  I can buy a whole box (eight) of chocolate dipped Oreo’s at Walgreens for under $2!

On top of that insult, if you travel only a few blocks away, you’ll discover real chocolatiers like Blue Frog or Sucre who both offer original and unique chocolates that are well worth the extra dough!

“Dip me once, shame on you – dip me twice, shame on me!” I won’t be dipped again…

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