Crazy cool house on Canal Street

Feel free to throw tomatoes, Creole or otherwise, as I realize I haven’t been posting a lot lately. Well, that is going to change…starting now!

Since I am still out of work, aside from odd jobs and writing gigs here and there, I have basically become my boyfriend’s “bitch” as he has taken on the role of “sugar daddy,” being the only one with a proper job. I make all the meals, clean the apartment, do laundry, grocery shopping and drive him to work each evening (as opposed to paying outrageous parking prices we can not afford).

Every night as we cruise down Canal towards the Quarter, we pass this one particular house that I can’t help commenting on regularly, much to John’s annoyance. Sitting on the corner of S. Derbigny, right across the street from the now defunct Grand Palace Hotel, is a gorgeous, gingerbread-like Victorian beauty…and it’s for sale!

Being located far too close to the Interstate and the abandoned hotel makes for a depressing view and a dingy neighborhood, but I can’t help admiring this gem hidden in the dust of speedy highway travelers. I know I could never afford to buy a home like this, regardless of its environs and likely structural faults, but I am positive I would sure love living in it!

***Thanks to Frolic, a very cool, local food writer who honors me by reading my blog, I have discovered that this house is actually a New Orleans landmark – The Charles Orleans House.

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