Crescent City Samaritan

Politeness and hospitality are common characteristics I’ve encountered since my life in the South began, but it seems I find very few Samaritans who go out of their way to help the average Joe (or Josephine) on the street. The story I heard yesterday from one of my close friends completely changed all that and I simply had to share.

A couple of weeks ago, Dani and her 11-month-old daughter Posie were sitting at a bus stop on Magazine Street waiting to return home, which is located off Jackson Avenue. They had just left their regularly scheduled Tuesday play date on Calhoun Street and looking forward to making a stop at Pinkberry for their weekly treat of frozen yogurt when an older Asian woman pulls up to the curb and offers them a ride.

A bit shocked, Dani told the nice woman that she was planning on stopping a couple of times and that she really didn’t mind taking the bus. Not to be deterred, the woman persisted in her offer.

Not only did the extremely kind woman insist on giving them a lift, she actually stopped at Pinkberry, waited for her to purchase some frozen yogurt and then took them the rest of the way home!

Now this might seem a minor event to some, but this story brought tears to my eyes. Who does this kind of thing anymore? We all know how difficult it is to trust strangers in this day and age, but this woman didn’t even hesitate to hold out her hand. Could things be looking up?

Now just because I haven’t heard stories like these in a long time, doesn’t mean they haven’t happened. Have you met a good Samaritan or have you been a good Samaritan? I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. It was raining heavily one day and a middle aged woman was waiting for the bus. My mom offered her a ride and the woman became our housekeeper for the next 25 years!

    I have probably 20 such stories but your bus story immediately brought this one to mind.

    This is what the South means to me. Ain't going to happen in NYC very often!

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