House of the week: Camelback on Laurel Street

Location, location, location. The oft-used aphorism really means everything when seeking to acquire real estate. Sometimes it works in favor of the buyer, sometimes the seller, and sometimes (if you’re lucky) both parties win. I think this is one of those times…

On the 6300 block of Laurel Street lies a 120-year-old Victorian camelback with all my most favorite features like hardwood floors, high ceilings, transom windows, free-standing brick fireplaces and an adorable front porch for swingin’ and back yard for berlin’. There are 2-3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and almost 1800 square feet of living space.

Now, when you see that this little beauty is being listed for $539,000, one might think “Gee, Kim, that’s a bit high.” I sure as hell did. But when you consider the location…it kind of makes sense. This abode is less than half a block away from Audubon Park. Look at these pictures and suddenly you’ll say “Ooh! That’s why!”

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