House of the week: Cottage on Harmony Street

You’ve probably seen articles and TV shows about the whole “Tiny Home” craze that’s sweeping the nation and, believe me, it has not escaped my attention either. I totally dig the idea of not taking up a lot of space to preserve the environment, nature and wildlife. Not to mention that a lot of these little houses are mobile and how cool is that? You could just wander across the country and take your tiny house with you. My only problem is how tiny they are. I mean, could I really function in only 89 square feet of living space? I’m in a 400 square foot apartment right now and I ache for decent closets and a little more counter space in the kitchen would be a dream come true. 

I’m afraid that this next house I found is about as tiny as I could get. Over on Harmony Street in the Irish Channel there’s this adorable little cottage for sale. Only a little less than 500 square feet, this house has one bedroom, one bathroom, hardwood floors and a precious, old-timey kitchen with a tiny oven. Other than how cute it is, the best part about this house is it’s location. It’s only three blocks from Magazine Street, the stretch that includes places like Sucre, La Divina Gelateria, Big Fisherman, Artz Bagelz, Gott Gourmet and much, much more. It’s eight blocks from the parade route and so very close to one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city…the Garden District. This little cutie also happens to be in my price range listed at only $119,000. What do you think? Is it worth it?

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