House of the Week: Craftsman Cottage on Palmer Avenue

Since I moved, I must admit I have been more focused on furnishing my new digs (it’s huge for us!) than looking at homes for sale, but I do still get around to it from time to time. It’s interesting to me that the more I browse, the more I notice that it will be one room or one characteristic which will inspire me to share my findings with you. This is definitely one of those times.

This Craftsman-style house in the Uptown neighborhood is awfully close to the universities and quite a bit newer (built circa 1942) than my usual taste, but there’s a lot more to consider. The house boasts a large, columned front porch from where one can sit and ponder the beauty of the giant oak tree in the front yard, lovely sidelites around the front door, thick, Craftsman-style moulding, French doors separating the family room from the dining room, and lovely hardwood floors.

So freaking cute!

But, do you want to know what really made this place stand out for me? The bathroom. Yep, this 2 bedroom, 1,400 square foot abode sports only one bathroom, but to me it’s a real beauty. I’m not positive, but it sure looks like the tub, sink and wall tiling is original to the house, and I would be overjoyed to discover the floor is also original, but I love every inch. Plus, the fish stenciling just puts the whole thing over the top.

Listed at $425,000, this house is not in my price range, but it’s closer than I expected. If I was to buy it, I would definitely be spending an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom with my own collection of rubber duckies.

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