House of the Week: Greek Revival on Delaronde Street

I’ve been busy surviving this thing called life lately, and avoiding the Realtor browse, neglecting my ritual self flagellation in the interest of sanity. Not only will I never be able to buy a house, I am no longer 100% positive I’d want to buy one in New Orleans, even if I could. I am determined to live here as long as humanly possible, but regular hurricanes, cockroaches the size of my head, record high temperatures (ie. global warming), and skyrocketing interest rates aside, no one seems to want to sell insurance to homeowners here anymore. Not only are the housing insurance prices doubling (and sometimes tripling!), agencies are backing out of doing business in Louisiana like the house is on fire.

In turn, because people are realizing how untenable life in the Big Easy can be, home listings have gone through the roof and prices are slowly dropping. I also attribute this to the city’s new laws concerning whole-home AirBnBs. Rich folks (and big corporations) from out of state can no longer earn huge profits from their real estate investments-turned STRs, and are trying to get out while the getting’s still good.

Even though I will likely never be a homeowner, and being one in New Orleans seems to be drifting further and further away, I will still look, still stop and stare, still dream about what it would be like to be the caretaker of just one of these historic beauties. Just like the incredible Greek Revival home pictured above.

400-year-old oak tree on the side of 405 Delaronde, home for sale in Algiers Point (boyfriend John and adorable Skye pup not included).

Nearly two centuries old, this historical stunner is located in Algiers Point, less than two blocks from my apartment. The photo is one I took while exploring my new environment early last year. The house is now for sale, and though it could be a single family property, it is so freaking huge, it the perfect spot for a B&B, which is what it was before the owners finally had to sell. This nearly 6,000 square foot property boasts six bedrooms, five bathrooms, some with en-suite kitchens and living rooms, a lush (somewhat overgrown, but still beautiful) courtyard, and an in-ground pool.

All of the features I desire in a home are there; a jaw-dropping double gallery facade, original hardwood floors, fireplace mantles, ceiling medallions, pocket doors, floor to ceiling French doors and windows, transoms, 12-foot ceilings, a lovely view of the river from the top floor, and a 400-year-old oak tree as an extra bonus on top of a bonus. This massive property is currently listed for $1,750,000. Buy it and be my neighbor, won’t you please?

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