House of the Week: Side Hall Cottage on Constance St.

This past Saturday, my friend and real estate agent Zuheily from NOLA Living Realty invited me to her first solo listing. She knew there was no way I could afford this particular property, but she also knew how smitten I am with classic New Orleans architecture and the open house offered an opportunity for me to step inside a private building that was nearly 140 years old.

Located on Constance Street only one house away from Audubon Park, this side hall cottage built circa 1880 was fascinating to tour, even though I couldn’t A) afford the $750,000 price tag or B) afford the additional dollars it would cost to fix it up. It seems the house was once owned by an amateur architect in the 70s who made some odd changes to the house. Though moving the kitchen to the front isn’t that unusual, he did drop the ceiling over the kitchen and built an office/loft above it accessible only by ladder. He also cut a strange, narrow doorway between the back parlor and a bedroom, though the bedroom may have served as a dining or family room considering there was no door.

Aside from the added oddities, the house definitely had some alluring features like the beautiful front porch, floor-to-ceiling windows, transoms, 15-foot ceilings, fireplaces in almost every room (two in the front parlor alone!), clawfoot tub, and gorgeous hardwood floors. While snooping around, John and I discovered a stunning, art decco fireplace and Zuheily pointed out another fireplace where these gorgeous old pastel tiles had been painted over to look like wood. There were also a couple of doors that led nowhere, but behind one of them, we happened upon an old pencil sharpener screwed into the wall!

Easily the most attractive aspect of the property was its proximity to Audubon Zoo & Park. Doesn’t it always come down to location? While I would love to have the ducats to renovate and reside at this property, it’s just not in the cards. If it piques your interest, check out the listing for more information and don’t forget I turned you on to the building when you have your housewarming party!

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