NOLA’s Memory Lane is Paved in Gold Brick Chocolates

There’s no hiding Louisiana’s nostalgic connection to Elmer’s confections, as many natives confess “it’s just not Easter without Elmer’s!” For kids all over the country, Easter morning will arrive with the sweet surprise of jelly bean-stuffed plastic eggs and hollow chocolate bunnies, but the baskets in Louisiana are just a […]

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Pop-Up Appeal

Proof that paper plates and plastic cutlery can be counted as and integral part of a romantic night out! Thanks to aggressive marketing campaigns and endless propaganda, February is officially and commercially realized as the month of romance. Not only are we to single out the 14th as a day […]

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Strut Your Stuff!

There’s little in this world you cannot stuff. You can stuff your face, a teddy bear, your house (with all kinds of stuff), a mattress, your butt into a tight pair of jeans . . . the possibilities are endless! Of all that’s available, arguably the best (and tastiest) stuff […]

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