House of the Week: Sidehall on Dauphine Street

During my weekly perusal of available homes, I came across some property for sale from the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans. Why I had forgotten that this organization has been responsible for the restoration and invigoration of many properties and neighborhoods around town is beyond me. In fact, one of my best friends actually purchased a house through the PRC before the ’05 floods in the Holy Cross. It was (and still is) a gorgeous double shotgun that was converted into a large single with three bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen, two bathrooms and a HUGE backyard. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), she was forced to sell the house only months before Katrina hit.

Anyhow, when I saw this Sidehall for sale on Dauphine Street in the Holy Cross, all the memories came flooding back. The PRC has done a wonderful job remodeling this huge, 1,300 square foot home replete with a front porch, back porch and side gallery, central air and heat, new bamboo flooring and Berber carpets in the two bedrooms. Apparently, this structure had completely collapsed during the storm and was rebuilt using salvaged material from the original building. The best part is that this brand new/old house is selling for…wait for it….$164,900! Three cheers for the PRC! Hip, hip, hooray!

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