House of the week: Victorian double on Green Street

I’m not good with money. I see something I want and I buy it, regardless of whether or not it’s the best deal, it’s right for me or if it’s even worth it. Because of my impulsiveness, I have often been disappointed and I really don’t want that to happen when I finally buy a house. So, when I come across fixer-uppers like this one, I have a difficult time deciding on whether I want to spend the money and time to put in the work or go the easy route and buy a home that needs nothing but interior paint, furniture and new curtains.

But, I am not afraid of extra work and I have to admit, this house intrigues me…

Located mere blocks from where I currently reside is this Victorian double with two bedrooms and one bathroom on each side with a total of 1,624 square feet of living space. From the images (and the description), the original hardwood floors are still intact, as are the transoms, fireplace mantles and floor-to-ceiling windows. There are no appliances, so I would have to purchase stoves and refrigerators for both units and there’s no information about the bathrooms at all or if there’s any washer and dryer hookups, what the yard looks like, etc., but I have a feeling about this place. It’s like an itch that won’t go away. I’ve made an appointment to go check in out in person and get more details from the realtor, but I’m crossing my fingers on this one. This little dream is listed for only $230,000. Should I grab it?

Is it my obnoxious “Buy! Buy! Buy!” impulse that’s tickling at my brain or have I found a winner? I’ll just have to wait and see…

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