House of the week: Victorian on Canal Street

When you are forced into the position of buying something “as is,” it always seems to connote something negative. Like “the plumbing is shot, but the owner is selling the house ‘as is'” or “they’re selling the car ‘as is’ despite the leaky radiator.” I’d like to put a positive spin on that particular idiom for a change.

For example, I would totally buy this Victorian house on the cemetery end of Canal Street “as is” – and I’d leave it that way, too. Even down to the bright Caribbean paint job inside and out. It’s loaded with architectural details you all know I love; ceiling medallions, 11 foot ceilings, hardwood floors balconies, porches, claw foot tubs, wainscoting, transom and floor-to-ceiling windows, gingerbread detailing, stain glass windows and a lovely backyard. It even has a guest cottage out back! This place is just stunning and I want it really, really, really, really, really, really bad. Really bad.

I’m sure I saw $480,000 lying around here somewhere…

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