Investing in the Future: Gerald Rigby, CPA, PC

Jerrod Rigby joins the family firm, earning his chops and following in his father’s footsteps.

For almost 30 years, Gerald Rigby has been preparing taxes and offering investment advice here in Bay St. Louis. Like any proud parent, he’s pleased to announce that his son Jerrod recently decided to join the firm. After graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi with an accounting degree, Jerrod was awarded a three-year scholarship to law school, but after a summer of classes, decided it wasn’t the right path. “They said he had five years to accept this scholarship,” said Gerald. “So he came here to work for me and he’s on year three.”

Now on the professional track to become a CPA, Jerrod is training everyday, exposed to all of the services offered by their small, but highly robust accounting firm. “We do everything the big firms do, and because of that, it keeps us very busy,” says Gerald. “[Jerrod] is an excellent addition to the firm. He’s bringing in his youth, you know the younger people are more tech savvy. It’s just been a win-win all around.”

Setting his career wheels on the CPA track isn’t the only way Jerrod and his father are alike, they both share a great love for basketball. Not only did he play basketball in college, Jerrod is also (like father, like son) doing part-time volunteer coaching for the varsity basketball team at St. Stanislaus Catholic High School. I was a St. Stanislaus basketball coach for 15 years,” says Gerald. “He [Jerrod] is doing the same thing now. Working here and teaching basketball.”

With the addition of his son Jerrod, the Rigby accounting firm has become a full-fledged, family affair. Gerald’s daughter Shelby is the office administrator, and even his wife Janet comes in for a part-time gig. Friend, colleague and fellow accountant Elisa Reynolds rounds out the team for a grand total of five employees. Considering the small staff, it’s incredible to realize the scope of their services which include, but are not limited to, tax preparation for individuals and businesses, auditing, bookkeeping, and small business accounting and consulting. “My staff that I have here is wonderful, very efficient,” says Gerald. “We put a lot of work out for the personnel we have.”

Income tax season is creeping up right around the corner, and you can feel secure in knowing Rigby CPA is prepared and up-to-date on all new tax laws, especially the recent financial relief programs such as the ERC or Employee Retention Credit which came about because of the pandemic. “We are the only CPA firm, that I know of, in the area that is well-versed in the ERC,” explains Gerald.

Unlike many of their competitors, Rigby CPA offers an “open-door” policy where existing and new clients can walk in, with or without an appointment, and get the financial counseling they need. “I like talking to people,” says Gerald. “Consulting is a big part of our business. C’mon in, let’s talk taxes, it’s something we excel at.” Surely Gerald’s genial nature and welcoming attitude has rubbed off on both his son and daughter. “It’s great that one day, I’ll be able to pass it [the firm] on to both of them” says Gerald.

*Article originally published in The Shoofly Magazine

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