Pizza Plate Lunch

Back in May, I wrote an article for my $20 & Under column in Where Y’at Magazine on pizza. It’s been a lot easier to get pizza by the slice and/or personal pies lately and I wanted to cover a bunch of newcomers, including NOLA Pizza Co., a pizzeria located inside the Tap Room at NOLA Brewing. Unfortunately, most of their pies go over the $20 mark, so I added them in towards the end, saying it would be a good option (financially) if you shared with friends.

Lo and behold, I get an email yesterday telling me that NOLA Pizza Co. has just launched a new deal, the “NOLA Plate Lunch,” a much more affordable option for the single diner. Monday through Thursday, from 11am to 3pm, the brewery’s pizzeria is offering a plate of two New York slices with a side salad and a brew for only $9.95! It’s a great deal, even if you opt to drink their non-alcoholic Hop’d Tea, instead.

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