Summer rain

As we all know, not only is it hot in the sticky summer months, it is also invariably rainy.  I really love the sudden downpours (as long as I’m not driving), the utterly drenching warm showers that are so common in our sub-tropical climate.  When the skies darken and the lightning illuminates the heavens like a flashbulb, I tend to turn inward and become extremely contemplative about my little world, my little life.

I recall summers as a child where days were spent in seemingly endless play and nights found me curled up in bed reading one of my favorite books.  As a child, my dream was to write books like the ones I loved so dearly.  Not only was it my dream to write, but to write well enough to touch someone’s heart like I had been touched.

That dream held strong all the way into college where I gained a degree in English with a focus on creative writing.  I felt my words finally began to blossom when I was in my last year of school, they were coming together easier and manifesting into a style all my own.  When I entered the work world again, it all stopped.  I didn’t start writing again until about two years ago.  I wasted more than 12 years.

I am writing now though!  Even if it is this little, insignificant blog into which I pour my most diligent efforts almost daily.  At least I’ve finally taken a step back towards reaching my childhood dreams and I am doing it in a city I have always loved, a city where I finally belong. That’s got to mean something, right?

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