A smooth ride on St. Charles Avenue

I’ve been grumbling a lot lately about the endless amount of road and sidewalk construction around the city.  Now, a trip that would normally take 20 minutes stretches out into almost an hour and the horrendous driving habits of locals has just gotten worse since construction began. I often find myself shouting expletives out of my window, accompanied by obnoxious hand gestures and ugly leers.  But just recently, I experienced something to cheer about.

From the awkward turn in the Riverbend at Carrollton all the way to Nashville Avenue, there is a freshly paved road!  For approximately 16 blocks, St. Charles has no discernible bumps, dips or potholes and the ride is as smooth as silk.  You can feel the elation and joy coming off of the other drivers in waves, so stunned that they take the stretch slowly as if savoring the gentle ride that is so very uncommon to the Uptown neighborhood.  I’m sure I am speaking for other drivers when I say that I truly hope they plan to repave the entire stretch of St. Charles all the way downtown.

What really boggles my mind is why it took so long for this to finally happen, especially on St. Charles Avenue.  The Avenue is world-famous after all, lined with gorgeous mansions and live oaks…not to mention the streetcar line.  Why wouldn’t the city make caring for this particular street a top priority?

Well, no matter what has occured in the past with road repair, I couldn’t be happier about how it feels to drive down St. Charles Avenue now and I hope it lasts.

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