Buns of bliss at Company Burger

No, this post has nothing to do with working out or how to go about making your backside look more appealing. Actually, it is quite the opposite. It’s about how last week I took my butt to The Company Burger on Freret Street, placed it next to John’s butt and across from Lorin’s butt at a table and proceeded to inhale a delicious burger served on what I believe is the best bun in town.

But, for now I’ll dispense with the butt analogies considering the combination of backsides and burger buns won’t make for an appetizing read.

We were transported via crazy Middle Eastern cab driver who drove at Mach One speed down Freret Street, narrowly missing errant Tulane students, to arrive during a busy lunch hour at the newly opened restaurant. Breathless, I stepped from the cab and nearly kissed the pavement, delighted to have made it for lunch in one piece. But, it seemed that my brush with death worked wonders for my appetite…

We ordered at the counter and sat down to share a large bench with a couple of other diners already digging in. I really love the sparse decor of Company Burger, though what little accent there was (wood benches and detailing, heavy iron table legs, metal food trays) tasted a bit like a country & western theme. Keep those doggies rollin’!

Our order came up quickly and before digging in, I moseyed over to the condiment station only to feel a combination of utter delight at my choices and dismay at having to actually make a choice. The Company Burger offers a dizzying array of mayonnaise like (be still my heart) “baconnaise,” chipotle mayo, basil mayo and roasted garlic mayo…not to mention some house made mustard and pickles. Naturally, instead of selecting only one, I got a little scoop of each. After all, I had to have a variety for my extra crispy tater tots.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me get back to my burger. I ordered “The” Company Burger which is built with two patties, American cheese, bread & butter pickles (house made, of course) sliced red onions and I added some Nueske’s bacon. Before taking a bite, I kicked it up by slathering the bun with some Chipotle mayo.  Oh yes, the bun. Not only did it hold up admirably under the pressure of beef patties, juicy pickles and fixin’s, the texture and flavor was simply perfection. The bread reminded me of those Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, with all the sturdy, yet fluffy layers, but instead of sweetness, it was buttery bun bliss!

John decided to taste the Lamb Burger which was surprisingly juicy and combined with some local feta cheese, basil mayo, red onions and a chili-mint glaze, the flavor was simply wonderful. Though he gobbled a few of my crispy tater tots, John ordered his own side of crispy, house made onion rings made from red onions which I thought was an interesting, sweet twist to your average ring.

We had a couple of soft drinks with our burgers, but if we desired, we could have opted for draft beer, wine or even a cocktail. Instead of blowing those extra calories on booze, I chose to have a slice of Mom’s Carrot Cake with a fat dollop of cream cheese frosting. “Mom” is specifically chef and owner Adam Biderman’s mother who was kindly willing to contribute her killer cake (and brownies) to the restaurant. The Carrot Cake was moist, delicious and all mine. Thanks Mom!

You know this burger binge likely did nothing good for my butt, but I’m not complaining!

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  1. Hey Peter! Wow. That would be a blog in and of itself. I think they both have pluses and minuses. Great shakes but smaller burgers at Tru. Awesome buns, condiments and bigger burgers yet higher prices at Company. I think I like the flavor of the beef better at Company but the shape doesn't hold together as well as at Tru. I like the atmosphere a lot better at Company due to a more diverse clientele, whereas Tru seems to draw what I call the "too hip to be cool" crowd of which I am NOT a member. What do you think? Now ask me what my favorite burger joint is in the whole city πŸ˜‰

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