Green Goddess Brunch

It had been almost 9 years since I graced the Green Goddess. The last time I dined there, Chris DeBarr was still slogging away in the kitchen with his partner (and current chef/owner) Paul Artigues. It’s surprising as well, considering the sheer proliferation of restaurants that have opened and closed over the past 9 years, that I was able to visit more than once. It’s a testament to a restaurant’s fabulousness when a poor food writer like myself can’t help but return.

While my experience dining-in at Alma was enjoyable, I remain paranoid about spending too much time in enclosed spaces, so thankfully it was warm enough that day do enjoy a meal outside in the tucked-away alleyway inside the historic French Quarter. Plus, after a few sips of a Green Goblin — La Muse Verte Absinthe, orange liqueur, sugar and lime — I was toasty on the inside as well.

Though I considered a lunch dish like Uncle Ho’s Meatloaf Sandwich with pineapples and mirliton slaw, I was feeling more like brunch that day and was more than satisfied with what I got. The Acadian Breakfast featured two mimosa honey biscuits topped with boudin patties (all the way from Lafayette!), perfectly poached eggs and hollandaise served with their famed Manchego cheese grits. One aspect of my dish that I really appreciated was instead of one split biscuit, I was given two, enabling me to enjoy the top half of each with a generous smear of whipped butter and pepper jelly.

It was wonderful to know that Chef Artigues has kept the magic going at the Goddess after all of these years.

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