Halloween envy: Double feature picture show

Happy Halloween everyone! Looking over the past week’s posts, I am noticing a trend in my taste in houses…not that you couldn’t throw a rock and hit a gorgeous structure almost anywhere in this town. But still, even John started to tease about my “so-called” elitist view.

Ultimately, the question is do I care? Nope!

Here’s not one, but two stunning examples we found on Prytania Street to double your viewing pleasure.

The light was fading fast the day I shot this Garden District mistress and the images turned out pretty awful until John came along with his graphic magic and upped the “spookiness” factor by ten. Pretty good, huh?

Then, while avoiding some pretty sticky traffic on St. Charles yesterday, John hopped onto Prytania Street and we discovered another shining lady dressed for the season.

Finally, for a little lagniappe, did you have that one house in your neighborhood your parents told you NOT to visit? The one being housed by a crotchety, elderly woman or man who hated all the kids on the block and wanted nothing less than to be left to their Price is Right in peace? I did.

During my search I found this next house shown below. The yard is overgrown and there’s a creepy, neglected look about the place which is probably mostly emanating from the crafty “woodland” arch perched over the entry gate.

Did you notice the plastic-wrapped sheet of paper attached to the front gate? It reads “No Candy.”  No treat huh? I believe this house might experience a few tricks instead.

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