House of the week: Creole cottage on Royal Street

Would it be too much to ask my beloved to buy me a house for Valentine’s Day? It would undoubtedly fill me with an overwhelming sense of love, not to mention acting much like a potent aphrodisiac.  “I promise baby, we’ll break in every room!”

You think I jest?

While my obsession with finding the perfect house doesn’t even come near to being a desperate case of objectophilia, I’m certainly smitten from time to time by spots I know would be just perfect for my little family. Case in point, this awesome little Creole cottage in Bywater that was listed only two days ago.

Yes, it’s small. Built in 1916, this cottage only sports two bedrooms and one bath for a little over 1000 square feet of living space, but how much room do John, Pippin and I actually need? The house features lovely little details like French doors, original hardwood floors, modest renovations to the kitchen and a clawfoot tub in the bathroom. There’s also a small patio space in the back with just room enough for a BBQ and lounging under the stars on a balmy New Orleans evening.

Best part, as usual, is the location. We’d be around the corner from Elizabeth’s and the brand new Crescent Park and that’s only the beginning. Whether we chose to head up or down river, we’d only be a few blocks away from places like Markey Park (where the annual Mirliton Festival is held), Pizza Delicious, The Joint  and Bacchanal … only to name a few.

Because I do love John such an awful lot, I’m certain it would be asking far too much for him to conjure the $360,000 to purchase this house, but it would make an awfully nice Valentine’s Day surprise, don’t you think?

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