House of the week: Privacy on Patton St.

Agree or don’t agree, but I believe there’s a certain level of badassery going on when you can hide a 3,000 sq. ft. home so completely that the entrance appears to be part of your neighbor’s property. I discovered this super cool, My Secret Garden-ish abode today during my usual online bout of house envy. 

Though this home claims to be on Patton Street, it’s more like it’s inside Patton Street … or rather in the backyard/no-man’s-land between Patton Street and Constance. Though the living space is approximately 3,000 sq. ft., the lot is over 7,500 sq. ft. and it’s all tucked behind several other properties with the only entrance being a gated, and rather unassuming, driveway.

Can you see Mr. Robin popping out to say hello?
Can you see Mr. Robin popping out to say hello?

Walking up to the front door (that is, if they let you in), you’re surrounded by lush, but neatly arrayed gardens that lead you inside a thickly-columned cottage that is obviously the home of an artist or an avid patron of the arts. Admittedly, this is not typically the type of house that sets my heart racing, but its seclusion (among other architectural features) gives it the aura of a secret hideaway.

But honestly, who wouldn’t be enchanted by the high ceilings with exposed beams, a giant brick fireplace that separates the kitchen from the living room, inviting porches, French doors, sun room, ginormous master bedroom suite with its own courtyard and, of course, the hip guest studio.

Aside from its mysterious ambiance, the location of this house could only be more incredible if it was actually on the parade route. Regardless, being in such close proximity (i.e. less than four blocks) to Audubon Park ain’t nothing to sneeze at, not to mention its ideal distance from Patois, Clancy’s, ToastNoodle & Pie  and Octavia Books.

Listed at $1,195,000, this house is completely out of my financial reach, but possibly not out of yours. If you happen to buy it, will you invite me over?

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