I don’t speak Cajun!

Recently, I sent some gifts with a distinctly local flair to my 5-year-old niece and laughed uproariously when my brother-in-law called back screaming “How am I supposed to read this to her? I don’t speak Cajun!”

I’m sure he’ll figure it out. If not, I’m positive my incredibly intelligent niece Arissa will teach him:

“I don’ know fo’ sure if dat story is true,
But down where de Cajuns live on de bayou,
When dey tell dem stories, dey shore like to talk
About dat boy Jacques and his magic beanstalk.”

~Jacques and de Beanstalk by Mike Artell

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  1. That looks cute. I would love to read that one. I love the Cajun Night before Christmas book. I'm from the bayou, I don't have the accent, but I can fake it, lol. My little one got a kick out of my reading it.

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