Sushi and a movie: Kyoto 2

Ever since its release in November, I’ve been dying to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I. Unfortunately, there was always something holding me back…if it wasn’t one thing, it was something else. At long last, John and I planned to see Harry Potter at the Elmwood Theater in Harahan and we decided to hit up a restaurant before the show. For my 67th cheat we opted for Kyoto 2 on Citrus Boulevard and I am back down to a grand loss of 77 pounds.

We arrived at the restaurant almost two hours before the show was to start, giving ourselves plenty of time to enjoy our dinner. In general, dining on sushi never really seemed unhealthy to me. I mean, how bad can it be to eat raw fish? To ensure I got my “cheat-on” properly, we selected some of the big, “fattier” rolls that were fried, loaded with avocado or smothered in eel sauce.

Our start was on the light side, a couple of bowls of steaming Miso Soup and a tangy Squid Salad. The soup warmed us while the salad, loaded with chunks of deliciously pickled squid, just whetted our appetite for more.

Although it took a little while (it was a busy night), our rolls started to pour out.  First to arrive was the Desiree Roll loaded with crispy, tempura shrimp, tempura crawfish, crabstick, spicy tuna and rice wrapped in seaweed and then tempura fried again! Served on the side was a spicy, sweet Cajun sauce for dipping that was so tasty, we wiped the serving dish clean.

The other three rolls we ordered all came out together on one giant dish. My favorite, the Rainbow Roll, looked and tasted so fresh with thick slabs of raw tuna, white tuna, salmon and avocado adorning a seaweed roll packed with a spicy snow crab maki.

One of John’s favorites, the Yum Yum Roll, is similar to the Rainbow, but instead of raw fish, it is loaded with strips of barbecued eel and smothered in that dark, sweet eel sauce. We demolished it in seconds! The last roll, the “Steve Roll”, was a little on the lighter side stuffed with tuna, snow crab maki and avocado and topped with a healthy helping of roe.

Everything was wonderful and we left Kyoto 2 stuffed to the gills and ready to watch Harry Potter. Unfortunately, while we were standing in line to buy tickets, the show sold out. What luck? It seems I am doomed to wait for DVD. Instead of hanging out for two hours to see the next show, we headed back home and stopped at Walgreens for some movie candy (purchased at a far cheaper price than what is available at the theater) and watched How to Tame Your Dragon.  I still was able to enjoy my favorite movie candy for dessert (Whoppers) while getting my fantasy fix!

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