Meet & Greet: Daniel Davillier

“Local boy makes good” on an childhood dream

Growing up in New Orleans’ 7th Ward, Daniel Davillier sought to be an attorney since he was in 3rd grade. “My mother had saved an essay I wrote that I nearly forgot about, “ Davillier says, “It said ‘I have a dream that one day I will be a lawyer and give back to the poor.”

Davillier’s dream of being an attorney wavered only for a little while. After graduating from St. Augustus High School, he went on to earn a bachelors degree in business from the University of New Orleans and seriously considered a career in accounting. But, he remembered his childhood goal, shifted gears and went on to study law at Tulane University, graduating cum laude in 1994.

Fresh out of law school, Davillier landed a job at Phelps Dunbar, one of New Orleans most prestigious law firms. After 14 years, he eventually became a partner. Being the entrepreneur that he was, Davillier broke free in 2008 to form his own firm focusing on general commercial transactions and litigation in various industries. Although he studied sports law in grad school, Davillier never dreamed he would be representing clients from the NBA and NFL like Scottie Pippen, Chris Paul, Baron David, Deuce McAllister, Jammal Brown and many more.

Unlike many traditional firms who employ billable hours, Davillier Law Group prides itself on offering a fixed value-based billing approach to the appreciation and benefit of their clients. This fixed method is a novel practice that features predictability of cost, the ability to forecast reliable budgets and efficient and productive lawyering.

*Article originally published in the June 2013 issue of New Orleans Living Magazine

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