Rue de la Course: Is it worth it?

On the corner of Oak and Carrollton sits one of New Orleans’ most famed coffee shops, Rue de la Course. Since John and I are both self-employed, we often choose Rue as a convenient, public place to meet clients over a tasty cup of coffee and a nice snack. Both of us love the historic bank building that the coffee shop is housed in, with it’s majestically high ceilings, gorgeous, iron chandeliers and architectural details. Also, due to it’s prime location, there’s tons of seating outside where you can enjoy your java alfresco. Essentially, it’s a wonderful cafe, all except for one thing…obnoxious baristas.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the difference between a good and bad barista and the skill involved with making the perfect espresso, but does that require acting like a jerk? Let me give you an example…

A few weeks ago, I went into the cafe to meet a client and friend to discuss some work he had planned for me. I arrived at Rue a few minutes early, so I went to the counter to order some coffee. I was the only person in line, yet the two baristas behind the counter completely ignored me for several minutes while they continued their conversation about some absent employee. Being the polite person I am, I waited patiently for them to finish their discussion, but, when it ended, both employees walked away from the counter to finish some menial task like wiping the counter or restocking straws. Really? Was I not standing there, cash in hand, quietly waiting to order a cup of overpriced coffee with a freaking smile on my face?


If this was only the first time it had happened, I would let it go and not rant about it on my blog, but this (and similar rude behavior) has happened to me almost every single time I walk in there. I mean, the nerve of me expecting to get a barista to serve me when I walk up to the counter! And I even tip exceedingly well for a single cup of coffee, so that a trip to Rue costs me almost $10. It has gotten to the point where it’s just not worth it to me…especially when Zotz is right down the block.

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  1. Zotz's coffee is WAY better than Rue, anyway. So skip the Ru(d)e-ness. And always buy the coffee that requires you to walk the extra block, 'cause then you can justify the extra sugar you dump into it.

  2. I love Zotz! The baristas are amazing. I have had better service experiences at the Rue on Magazine, honestly, though that one can get pretty busy on weekends. I do have to admit, Rue's mushroom and brie soup will get me in the door any day, no matter what. But this town has too many great coffee shops to justify spending time in a place where you have had multiple poor experiences.

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