Sweet, sexy Valentine’s Day…

In my strange little brain, I tend to equate Valentine’s Day (and romance in general) with dessert. I mean, as I was growing up, every year for Valentine’s Day my father would always buy all the girls in the family a large, heart-shaped box of assorted chocolates from See’s Candy and the boys in my life followed suit as I got older. One time I was gifted by a huge, solid Hershey’s Kiss and another time, a bouquet of lollipops. Isn’t that the way to a woman’s heart? Through chocolate? So I was thinking about a kind of “ode to desserts” or “all the desserts I’ve loved before” kind of post to celebrate Valentine’s Day this week.

Let me start this sweet seduction with a most memorable Bacon Chocolate Brownie from Boucherie topped with freshly whipped cream. With rich, flavorful bursts of salty and sweet…this dessert was definitely one to remember.

The brownie’s sweet/salty combination reminds me of the wonderful Blueberry Biscuit I enjoyed at Blue Plate Cafe….the sugary crust and the cornbread crumb with huge, juicy blueberries is making my mouth water right now!

I lusted after this particular dessert so much, it’s now the backdrop to my blog, a S’More Tart from La Petite Grocery. A delicate shortbread crust filled with chocolate and topped with house made marshmallow is enough to drive any woman mad with desire! Especially me!

Though it “ain’t dere no more,” I won’t soon forget my Sour Cherry Creme Brulee from Cuvee, possibly the best brulee I have ever eaten.

I realize I’m being a terrible tease and you want this succulent torture to end, but there’s no way I’m that nice! Feast your eyes on this drool-inducing, tower of heavenly delights, the “Sultan’s Nest” from the Green Goddess, pistachio gelato and whipped cream piled atop a literal nest of shaved phyllo dough laced with ambrosial, saffron-infused honey and orange blossom water.

Do you hate me yet? Have you walked away from your computer with clenched fists, swearing lasciviously at nothing? Just come and check out one more dessert, I promise it’ll be the last…for now.

This was one of my most recent favorites, a delicious Country Apple Tart from Cowbell baked in a buttery crust and served with a rich caramel sauce.

Okay. I lied. One more? I have to leave you with a little more chocolate! How about this Chocolate Hazelnut Gateau from Patois served with chilled, rich chocolate pudding and Frangelico ice cream, all house made of course.

I don’t know about you, but all of these sweet images have got me a little excited, maybe even a bit warm. I might have to go lie down for a spell. Be sure your lover reads a post like this soon, because no one should have any excuse when it comes to knowing what to get his significant other for Valentine’s Day, it only takes 7 little letters to send them through the roof with unabated pleasure and delight….D-E-S-S-E-R-T!

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