Screaming for New Orleans Ice Cream: Brandy Milk Punch

For those of you who have never been here, Brandy Milk Punch is a uniquely New Orleans cocktail traditionally served during the holiday season, but you can easily find it anytime of year. A fairly simple concoction, it consists of brandy (duh), milk (double duh) and powdered sugar that is shaken till frothy with ice, strained into a glass and sprinkled with nutmeg. It’s tasty, easy to drink and, if poured by a local, heavy-hand, guaranteed to knock you on your butt. New Orleans Ice Cream Co. took this iconic, Crescent City cocktail and turned it into some seriously fabulous ice cream…

Incredibly creamy, rich and laced with brandy flavoring, the folks at New Orleans Ice Cream Co. have outdone themselves. I can easily say, with no hesitation, that this is one of my new favorites. My poor BF John was only able to score one small taste before I inhaled the rest of the pint. Go get your own!

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