Screaming for New Orleans Ice Cream: Hubig’s Apple Pie

I thought I’d brighten this Monday, add a little sunshine after several days of rain (and more to come) with ice cream! Monday is as good a day as any to eat ice cream, perhaps even better than most because for me, it’s a day that always can do with an extra dose of oomph.

Possibly one of the best combinations since Captain & Tennille or Kermit & Miss Piggy, New Orleans Ice Cream Company & Hubig’s Pies have teamed up to offer us Hubig’s Apple Pie ice cream. It is a truly harmonious marriage of decadent, creamy vanilla bean ice cream and chunks of sweet, fried apple pie. After gobbling my pint, I was only disappointed by the quantity of Hubig’s Pies in the mix…I wanted more! New Orleans Ice Cream Company owner Adrian Simpson agrees and plans kick it for future batches. Happy Monday!

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