Ages ago, when my income was a tad more disposable, I had a bit of a thing for salt and pepper shakers. I admired many sets but bought only a select few, and after a while, I had a mini-collection, approximately ten sets, of which I was rather proud.

Turkey and the Wolf has different S&Ps on every table. This is one of several pictures!
Getting a little risque with the S&Ps at Turkey and the Wolf

Over the years and several moves, most of my collection has magically disappeared or was broken and now, I am down to one and a half. My “eat me, drink me” set, an Alice in Wonderland-themed S&P featuring a tagged bottle and a mushroom, was the last to be broken, leaving me with only a mushroom. The only whole set remaining is of Mickey and Minnie Mouse holding hands. They’ve survived for almost 18 years. Time will tell how much longer they’ll last.

Cute little piggies from Tartine

Though not quite as prolific as his cutlery pictures, John still snaps a few shots here and there of salt and pepper shakers from the different restaurants we’ve visited. I’ve even gotten in on this game, taking a few fun shots of shakers myself. It’s hard to resist when restaurants like Turkey & the Wolf, Molly’s Rise & Shine and Rosedale all love to offer cute little differences at every table.

Molly’s Rise and Shine has mounted their S&Ps on Matchbox cars!

Sometimes, the S&Ps are just different from the usual and sometimes, when we’re bored or hungry, a unique angle on a typical set can prove to be, at the very least, interesting.

Cool light bulb S&Ps from Public Service at the NOPSI Hotel

What’s funny about our mild obsession with S&Ps is that neither John nor I ever use them! Most restaurants I’ve been to have incorporated the perfect amount of seasoning in their dishes, making those adorable S&Ps obsolete.

A condiment basket at Liuzza’s by the Track

I think my favorite S&Ps are the super fancy-schmancy ones, offered in a wholly unique (though likely not very practical) presentation.

A small spoon for your salt at Restaurant R’evolution

Where are your favorite S&Ps? Do you have a collection?

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