What Was Once a Shotgun Double on Leonidas Street

I’ve been known to talk about what I believe to be renovations “gone wrong,” where developers come in and tear all the heart and soul out of an architectural classic in a depressing effort to make it indistinguishable from new-builds. But I do try to avoid ripping on other people’s style. Everyone’s tastes are different and if you want silver couches or the same kitchen backsplash as everyone else who shops at Home Depot, have at it! There are other times, though, when I throw up my hands and exclaim out loud (much to John’s displeasure) “What were they thinking?”

This is one of those times.

Over in my old neighborhood on Leonidas Street is what was formerly a shotgun double transformed into . . . I don’t know what. I feel like the previous owner had a vision of something perhaps more modern with Eastern influences (considering the “Zen Garden” out back), but then kind of gave up without adding any finishing touches. Everything looks half-assed, a phrase my mom was overly fond of using.

This is what it looked like before the “renovation.”

Why is there no baseboard in the loft? It doesn’t even look like the carpet was secured properly as it’s fraying all along the edge. Why is there a three-sided fireplace in the main living area? Why is the stove sitting precariously on the cabinetry? What the actual fuck is going on here? It reminds me of my last apartment where the “contractor” had to lift the bathroom floor a couple of inches higher than the hallway level because he erred measuring when installing the tub (oh the toes that were stubbed!).

The only kudos I am willing to offer are they managed to save the original floors (which also seem to have made their way to the ceiling), and cypress fireplace mantles, but it doesn’t make the asking price of $440,000 any less ridiculous.

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