More Tacos?

Can there be too many tacos? I feel like it could be one of those philosophical, perception-related questions like, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”. For people like John, the answer to the taco question is an emphatic and vociferous “No!” Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy tacos, but I am far from obsessed. When Tuesday rolls around, I’m not subconsciously craving my next tortilla-filled bounty, with visions of chips and queso dancing through my head. But, as I said in my last taco blog, there has been an overwhelming amount of new taco stands in town and, being the avid foodster (Can I coin the term? Do I want to? Probably not.), I simply have to check them all out. Slowly, but surely . . .

A while back when we were more properly worried about catching the COVID, John and I placed an order at Vals, an old service station-turned taco stand opened by the Cure folks about a year ago. Seeing as they only offer five different tacos, we ordered one of each, and a side of chips and guacamole to share. Pick-up was easier than I expected at their convenient window, and I remember being just a touch jealous of the brave young folk enjoying the cool weather and dining outside on their large patio.

We returned home, took pictures and dove in. In no time flat, we inhaled the quintet: beef belly, carnitas (pork shoulder), green mole chicken, fried fish and sweet potato. Though it may be difficult to tell from the photos, the tacos were deceptively small. If we didn’t get the chips, I daresay we’d still be hungry. All of the tacos were tasty, though overall I (oddly) preferred the sweet potato, while John favored the carnitas. I have to add that there was nothing outstanding about these tacos. Considering other spots by the Cure krewe have elicited gasps of awe from my eager mouth, I was kind of surprised to find they were so very . . . average. Granted, this could be the exact thing they’re going for. I’m sure we’ll be back sometime soon, as I still would love to enjoy the patio and try the ceviche and a few Margaritas, and John will certainly never tire of tacos.

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