Breakfast Tout de Suite!

If y’all know anything about me it’s that breakfast is totally my jam . . . and biscuits . . . and bacon, baby. I even adore international versions of the morning meal; Persian lavash-wrapped feta with fresh herbs and hot, cardamom and rose petal-laced tea; a Full English loaded with bacon, ham, grilled mushrooms, blood sausage and baked beans; or Korean scallion pancakes and kimchi eggs with fried rice. It’s all good!

While I can make a killer breakfast at home, it’s also a boon to have a little place (or two) just around the corner to do it for you. Only a block and three-quarters or a leisurely three-minute stroll from my house, I discovered the Tout de Suite Cafe. Essentially a coffee shop on the corner of Verret and Alix streets, Tout de Suite offers a small menu of breakfast and lunch items (including various pastries) in a cute, local art-laden atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor seating.

I walked up to the bar, ordered my food and Orleans Coffee latte, and grabbed a small table by the window, a perfect little two-top for my friend and I. Before I could take two sips, our breakfast arrived. Dubbed the “Deep South,” it was a large skillet filled with Potatoes O’Brien (diced potatoes, bell peppers, and onions) and a buttermilk biscuit topped with two eggs and sausage gravy. The biscuits were fluffy, everything was hot, and I wanted to pass out from all the wondrous carbs as soon as I got home.

But, before I left the restaurant, I also got a BLT with avocado to bring home to John. Though the sandwich — replete with thick-sliced bacon, tangy tomato and fresh avocado — was great, John seemed most impressed by the potato salad with sweet pickle relish.

When we moved to Algiers, we knew we’d miss a few things about living in the Garden District, such as being in close proximity to breakfast spots like Slim Goodies and Wakin’ Bakin’ on Prytania Street. It’s good to know we have a respectable replacement to sate our morning meal cravings in our new neighborhood.

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