Building my sci-fi, utopian food court: Kebab

Sometimes, this eternally hungry fat girl wonders what it would be like to have her own, personalized food court. I could stand in the center, whirl around with my eyes closed, my arm outstretched like a pointer on the Wheel of Fortune, and slowly tick-tick-tick to a stop, anxious and excited to open my eyes and look even knowing full well that no matter what I land on, the choice will be, well, choice.

My food court isn’t anything like the one at the mall. For starters, there wouldn’t be a mall. The court would resemble a space similar to something seen in a sci-fi movie or video game where a grand circle of swirling portals are waiting with nothing but space dust on the floor and striated clouds speeding by. One measured step could whisk me off to, say, Patois, Herbsaint, Avery’s Po-Boys, Pizza Delicious or wherever I chose, wherever I programmed the portal to take me, and I would appear in an instant, arriving just in time for an open table and attentive server.

Imagine a portal leading to crispy Belgian fries …

This room of unfettered delights, located in my spaceship (naturally), would likely be filled with portals leading to restaurants all over the world, but quite a few of them would take me to juicy spots throughout New Orleans and one of them would surely lead to Kebab.

Tell me, have you been there? Have you wrapped your mouth around their gyro kebab sandwich made with Chappapeela Farms pork, dressed with pickled veggies and drizzled with tzatziki and skuhg nestled in house-made bread? Or how about the crispy-on-the-outside yet fluffy-on-the-inside falafel sandwich with tangy hummus? I swear I could eat one of their sandwiches on a weekly basis and there’d be no skimping with a mandatory side of Belgian fries.

Where do your portals take you?

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