Halloween envy: The sequel

Spooky Halloween decorations are always a big plus, I mean, the whole purpose is to scare you stupid right? There are those rare occasions, though,  when people get downright creative and dare I say it….fun?

This gorgeous home on St. Charles Avenue posed skeletons all over their front yard and I have to admit, it’s downright adorable! Meet Pop-Eye…

…witness the Kiss of Death…or at least the aftermath…

…kick it with Lazy Bones…

…and no New Orleans skeleton scene would be complete without a Die Hard Saints’ Fan!

Admittedly, I was pretty impressed when I saw the skeleton scene by the light of day (so were a lot of other folks taking pictures on their cell phones), but it was nothing compared to what it looked like later that night.

Wow! Maybe I’m not too old to Trick-or-Treat.

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