Halloween envy

It wasn’t the allure of a pillowcase full of candy or a license to attack my fellow ghouls with eggs and shaving cream. No, the reason I love All Hallows Eve is the costuming. How cool is it that you can choose to be anyone else…but yourself…for a whole night?

As a matter of fact, I love Halloween so much that when I finally reach my goal weight (many, many pounds from now), my prize is going to be an elaborate costume. Some elegant dress that might have been in fashion during 18th century in France perhaps, complete with high, white wig and fluttery parasol? Something like this

Until that fateful day, I revel in the made up world that emerges every year as October 31st creeps inexorably closer. In the past seven years, I have noticed that most New Orleanians take this holiday very seriously, especially when it comes to decorating their homes.

In honor of this wonderfully macabre occasion, all week long I’ll be featuring ghastly, gruesome and garish houses that are all decked out to terrify.

This first image is of the “Wedding Cake House” on St. Charles Avenue. A couple of nights ago, they were having a huge party. I managed to snap a few shots later in the evening right before they turned off the lights.

[Cue spooky music]

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