House of the week: Double Gallery on Olivier Street

Mom. Dad. I have a proposal. Sell your 1970’s, ranch-style track house in California and for half of what you gain from the sale, you could buy this house outright. Deal?

I realize it would mean selling the house I grew up in and moving to a new and vibrantly different community. Everyone else is back in the Bay Area, all of your grandchildren, nephews, nieces and cousins and you’d miss them, like I do, but what about the benefits?

First lets talk about this incredible house. Built around the mid-1800’s, this stunning piece of work is a Greek Revival Double Gallery house located in Algiers Point, only a block away from the Mississippi River. Fourteen-foot ceilings, original hardwood floors, floor to ceiling windows on the facade of the house, stunningly remodeled bathrooms, elegant crown molding…there’s even a gorgeous garden Dad can putz around in and grow his green onions, tomatoes, strawberries and zucchini.

Best part? It’s only a few blocks from the Algiers Ferry that will take you straight into the French Quarter, or better yet, Harrah’s? I know how much Dad likes to gamble and Mom would adore the Shops at Canal Place, not to mention the rest of the French Quarter.    

Best of all, you could count on my visits on a very regular basis. In fact, how about I just move in again? Whaddaya say…deal?

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